Christmas Volunteering! Does your organisation need help over the Christmas period?

25 September 2017

We apologise for mentioning the “C-word” but if your organisation looks for a little extra help at Christmas, the Volunteer Centres may be able to help you! We have recently received our first enquiry from the public about volunteering at Christmas and we expect to receive many more over the coming weeks.

If you have an event in December, such as fundraising, bucket collections, sponsored events, parties for older/younger/vulnerable/homeless clients, gift-wrapping, or any other opportunity that would only require a few hours, we can promote this to enquirers.

Please email your local Volunteer Centre a brief summary of the event, date and time, along with the contact details that we can pass to the volunteer and we will assemble these into a Christmas Volunteering “Bulletin” that we can send out to enquirers.

The sooner you let us know about these opportunities, the more people will hear about you! If you work across all 3 regions, the Volunteer Centres will share the information between us, so you’ll reach the maximum number of people. or 01256 423850 for Basingstoke or 01252 627070 for Hart or 01252 540162 for Rushmoor

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