Covid-19 How can you help?

19 March 2020

During this difficult time, we want to make sure that our residents across North Hampshire are looking out for one another to help everyone stay safe and healthy.

What can you do now…?

The simplest thing everyone can do right now is look out for their immediate neighbours and offer help with shopping and other errands if people cannot get out of the house.

And it’s not just about neighbours who are self-isolating, stretched medical staff might also appreciate an offer of help.

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint – we’re not at the peak and the time we need most people will likely be in a few weeks’ time. So for now best thing to do is just check in on neighbours.

Staying safe when supporting others:

  • Let family and friends know what you are doing
  • Support family, friends and neighbours by phone or video call
  • Stay at least 2 metres – about 3 steps – away from people you are helping.
  • Offer to run errands for people but staying outside pf people’s homes
  • Keep washing your hands often for 20 seconds
  • If you choose to join a local group supporting others, be mindful about what data you share

If you would like to volunteer your time or donate goods and services, please click on the relevant link below and complete the response form:

Hart Residents:

Rushmoor Residents:

Basingstoke Residents:

We will come back to you as quickly as we possibly can; we are currently working through all of your wonderful offers of help. Thank you.

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