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 UK secondary school teenagers receive sex education, but seldom any help with how to establish and sustain a long-lasting relationship. For young people who may not have the benefit of a stable family model at home, the portrayal of marriage in the media is sadly of little help.


What can be done to help?

EXPLORE is addressing this by working with schools and colleges. We arrange for young people to interview married couples, giving them an opportunity to find out how a long-lasting relationship works.


What does an Explore session look like?

Under the direction of one of our trained facilitators, students lead a dialogue between themselves and a couple. They have the opportunity to ask the couple any question about their relationship and it is the couple’s openness and willingness to discuss the lows as well as the highs of married life that so engages the students.


Who are we looking for?

Explore needs people who are:

·         Willing to talk to young people honestly and openly.

·         Able to engage comfortably with young people.

·         Happy to work alongside our couples and within the Explore ethos.


Get involved!

If you value marriage, want to give young people an opportunity to find out how it works, and would like to get involved with EXPLORE, you can volunteer as a facilitator.


This work is designed to enable the young people attending our sessions to discover how relationships can be successful and long lasting by questioning married couples about their personal experiences.  Therefore it relies on the Facilitator leading the session to be able to demonstrate the following:

·         Approachability towards the young people and a genuine interest in them.


·         Sensitivity to the personal situations of the young people – awareness that they may be experiencing, or have experienced, relationship breakdown within their own families.  It is not the Facilitator’s role to ask individuals about their personal circumstances unless the young people voluntarily offer this information – it is vital that the young people are aware that they will not be quizzed on this.


·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – Explore is not a teaching experience.  The young people must feel valid, included and respected whilst abiding by the boundaries that the Explore Facilitator explains to them.  Fun and firm works best.  Teenagers do not respond well to being condescended to.


·         Flexibility and timekeeping skills.  Explore sessions take place within schools and are at the mercy of their timetable.  Schools often run late or fail to organise rooms as prearranged.  Facilitators must be able to adapt the content of the session (whilst maintaining the vital elements) and think on their feet.  This also applies to dealing with young people who may be engaged or not, well behaved or not!


·         To operate within and adhere to the Vision and Values of Explore.


·         To attend Facilitator training (including refresher training) and maintain a valid Explore DBS certificate.


  • Accessibility
  • Age restrictions
    Over 18's only
  • DBS check required
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Expenses reimbursed
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Ongoing support
  • Recruitment Process
  • Training provided
  • Volunteer induction
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Volunteers covered by insurance
  • Written role description

When can I volunteer?

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Availability Details

We need volunteers within school hours 8am-4pm Monday to Friday during the school term. We would approach you when we have a workshop to run and see if you were available, we are looking for people who can be available at least three times a year.


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