Opportunities with Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust


The Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust was founded by enthusiasts who care about the people and wildlife of the Blackwater Valley in 2003 and is a charity. In its first ten years of operation, it has enabled wildlife friendly projects with a value over £ 150,000 to be completed in the Blackwater Valley.

The Trust has 6 dedicated Trustees using their wide range of backgrounds to help conserve and improve the natural environment of the Blackwater Valley. This includes managing pockets of its countryside and preserving its wildlife habitats by making conservation projects happen. The Trust organises events including walks and talks and encourages the public to take part in its activities, educating them about and introducing them to the wildlife.

Our vision is a Blackwater Valley rich in native wildlife where inhabitants and visitors share the Valley harmoniously and respectfully with other species which live in it.

Our mission is to use our skills and resources to make the Blackwater Valley a special place, full of life and accessible to all, where the countryside is valued and the people and wildlife thrive together. We will do this by engaging local people and businesses in nature and conservation activities and show them the purpose and benefits of our work.

We believe in equality, respect, caring and sharing, always remembering wildlife has an equal right to live on Earth as we do.

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