Opportunities with Devereux House


The Farnborough & Cove War Memorial Hospital Trust Ltd occupies a building that was originally a country house, purchased after the First World War for use as a hospital as a memorial to the men of Cove, Farnborough and South Hawley who lost their lives. The hospital was opened by Earl Haig in 1921 and ran on voluntary contributions until 1948 when the National Health Service started. The hospital was closed in 1974 when a larger hospital was built in the area.
The Farnborough & Cove War Memorial Hospital Trust was set up in 1975 to try to get the site used for a purpose as near to the original one as possible. In 1976 the local Borough Council purchased the site from the Regional Health Authority and asked the Trust to re-commission it, to be of benefit to the local community.

Devereux House is a well run residential care home which also provides day care facilities for elderly Registered residents. Apart from normal day care activities the guests participate in arts and crafts, recall sessions, games and singing.