Opportunities with AFFECT - Supporting Families and Friends of Prisoners


AFFECT (Action For Families Enduring Criminal Trauma) is a national (UK) charity based in the South of England, which provides advice, information, support to families where a member has been accused or convicted of a criminal offence. This support can be at any point in the journey from arrest, court attendance, sentencing, prison visiting, and release. The charity was established in recognition that family members may be the hidden or forgotten victims.

We are a non-judgmental organisation that supports the families and friends of prisoners regardless of length of sentence or type of offence, from serious offending to those serving shorter sentences. We provide volunteer Telephone Support Workers, who are trained, DBS checked, and themselves supported either by structured peer to peer support or supervised in accordance with ethical and professional practice and standards.
We are a registered charity with a Board of Trustees that looks after both our everyday business and on-going future development.

When a crime is committed the family and friends of offenders are often forgotten. As victims of crime themselves, they are left to manage a situation which is out of their control, but which has a great impact on their lives. Bereavement is usually experienced when dealing with the loss of a loved one to prison and is often compounded as family may be ostracized by neighbours and friends. Some of the feelings, emotions, ill health and behaviours experienced by family members can include; depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, grief, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, anger, self blame (for not being the perfect parent, sibling, partner or friend) and self loathing which hooks into their low self esteem and poor self worth. Many can go on to develop unhealthy and unhelpful “coping mechanisms”, but with appropriate support they are able to find their own, healthy coping strategies. Additionally, for many, financial pressures can be overwhelming. Trying to find extra money for travelling to often difficult to reach prisons can be hard but more so when, for some, it comes at a time when their main family earner is the one being visited in that prison.

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