Opportunities with The Costello School


The Costello School is a popular and successful comprehensive school providing education for students aged 11 - 16. The School also puts great emphasis on its work with our community partners which provides the foundation for our Learning Trust. High Aspirations and Excellence for All: Enriching Lives.
The overall aim of the Costello school is to provide an enriched, educational experience that positively challenges students to be the best they can be.

Our Vision
The Costello School aspires to become a school
- which offers a world class educational experience based on traditional values and the delivery of a curriculum fit for success in the 21st century, within a challenging, secure and supportive context
- where there is a relentless focus on individual student performance and progress, regardless of their starting point, enabling all students to make good/outstanding progress
- where personal achievement and character development are considered equally as important as that of academic achievement
- where commitment, consistency, challenge and collaboration are at the core of driving improvement
- which has strongly defined standards and expectations underpinned by transparent and shared policies which are not subject to daily challenge
- where rewards are more important than sanctions
- where students are encouraged to be 'global' citizens who appreciate their responsibilities within the wider world
- which recognises its place in supporting 'education for life' within the academic sense and that of preparation for adulthood
- which increases cultural capital and supports social mobility
- which acts as a community hub within Basingstoke
- where stakeholders are appropriately consulted and are proud to be part of the Costello 'family'
- where clear methods and lines of communication enable stakeholders to have meaningful conversations
- which cares for, nurtures and develops students and staff equally

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