Opportunities with Hampshire County Council - Youth Offending Team


Hampshire Youth Offending Team (HYOT) is a multi-agency team comprising staff from Children's Services, probation, police, health and volunteers. We are partly funded by a grant from the Youth Justice Board.

HYOT's ambition is to see fewer children and young people involved in the criminal justice system. This will reduce the number of potential victims of crime and promote the confidence and safety of our local communities.
We aim to maximise the potential of every child and young person, delivering quality assessments and interventions which will prevent offending and protect the public.

HYOT work restoratively, with our partner agencies, to prevent children and young people from offending and re-offending. We also work with the victims of their offences. We try and repair the harm caused to them and the wider community as a whole.

Our Youth Crime Prevention Officers (YCPs) work with young people aged 10 to 16 who are at risk of offending and have not been to court.

If a young person has been involved with the police at a low level, YCP aim to divert them from developing patterns of persistent and more serious offending in the future. Engagement with YCP is on a voluntary basis agreed with the family.

All children and young people have the ability and capacity to change and should be given every opportunity to do so.